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2006 Workshop Schedule

Garden : Meditation, Writing & Poetry : Writing & Relaxation : Journaling & Meditation

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PO Box 267
Forestville, NY 14062

hours:  daily year round during sunny days, rainy days, snowy days, fall days, spring days, summer days and winter days!

phone: 716-965-2798
fax: 215-754-6131
e-mail:  info@LanasTheLittleHouse.com

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Developing Your Personal Intentions at The Little House through Meditation, Writing, Poetry
Sunday, March 26, 2006

Do you sometimes feel as if life has twirled away from the real you? Do your actions correspond with the life you want to lead? The mystic poet Rumi says “Let the beauty you love be what you do.” Let’s reassess where our life is headed and connect with our personal intentions. What do we really want from this moment, this day, this life? We will begin by spending some time in silence, observing who we are at this moment. We’ll delve deeper into the process through journaling, poetry, and group discussion, as interest warrants. Bring your journal and favorite writing implements. The event includes cottage tour, exquisite culinary treats and world class tea. Reservations required.

:  Arrive and meet other Workshop Guests, Tour Cottage
10AM - 11AM:  Workshop presented by Carolyn Kieber Grady

11AM - 12PM:  Exquisite Culinary Treats & World Class Tea
Fee:  $40 per person
Reservations:  Reservations accepted until 3 days in advance.  Space is limited.  Call 716-965-2798 or Email Lana for reservations and directions

About the Workshop Presenter:
CAROLYN KIEBER GRADY, M.A., RYT teaches in the English Department at SUNY Fredonia. A former WNY Writer-In-Residence, sponsored by JUST BUFFALO, Carolyn has led writing workshops in a wide variety of venues including art galleries, woodlands, and in the middle of Canadaway Creek. Her poetry, which has been widely published, has been featured in performances with local musicians, and has been visually represented in shows at Adams Art Gallery in Dunkirk NY.
Carolyn is also a nationally certified yoga instructor who has been teaching in Fredonia for several years. Her classes are known for warmth, humor, and her supportive attitude. She says yoga is what continues to ground her and nurtures the wellspring of her creativity.

 Workshops are held monthly, year round.   2006 Workshop Schedule

Lana's The Little House  P.O. Box 267 Forestville, NY 14062  716-965-2798



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