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                                                                April 21, 2010

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2010 Workshop Series - Enroll Now

Hello Everyone,

It is Wednesday, April 21, 2010 and this photo reflects the beauty of our lovely Spring weather here at The Little House.

The 2010 Workshop Series is ready for your enrollment and enjoyment!  Please take a look at the Workshop Schedule.  Please share the Workshop Schedule with friends.  Enroll!

So much has happened since I last wrote to you in November.  I will share a few stories. 

The Pets
The first bit of news is sad news -- Specs (my bird) and Buddy (my orange cat) died last month.

My beloved cockatiel, Specs, was 22 years old.  I bought Specs on the same day as my Silky Terrier dog, Sebastian, and they both traveled around the country with me. I like to refer to Specs as the traveling bird.  I remember our trip to San Francisco.  Sebastian watched every mile and Specs sat next to Sebastian and sang all the way to the Silicon Valley. Specs loved to travel!  I remember when we got to Mount Rushmore and Specs sang so loud as to say "we made it!".  There are many traveling stories.

Buddy was about 12 or 13 years old.  He got sick in January.  At first we thought he had an ear infection.  We soon learned he had a cancer mass.  His health quickly deteriorated.  In late March, I had Buddy put to sleep.  He was a great cat.  Many of you who have visited the cottage for tea fell in love with Buddy.  He was more like a dog than cat.  He was very vocal and would come running, literally, when he heard his name called. 

Barney, my calico cat who was found in the barn, thus the name Barney, really thinks she is Elizabeth Taylor, now garners all the attention from visitors to the cottage.  She is happy with her new status.  She nursed Buddy in her own way during his last weeks.  I found her grooming Buddy and also staying next to him all day and night. 

The fish are thriving after a winter of hibernation at the bottom of the pond.  Boy oh boy did they grow!  So, on your next visit say hello to Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Dean Martin.  They really do like the attention!

The FAA visits The Little House
A few weeks ago I had a huge matte grey commercial size airplane fly over my pond.  This plane was 10 feet above the pond.  It flew to the right of the flag pole and headed over the Chautauqua ridge.  I thought it was a plane in distress.  It was not.  I called the FAA to report the situation.  The FAA came to visit last week.  It turns out it was a C-130 Marine plane from the Niagara Falls base.  They did not see the little house until they were directly over the property and were surprised.  The FAA has made the Little House property a no-fly zone!

Snowspotter Results
The 2009-2010 Winter season snow accumulation was 126 inches.  The winter season was uneventful since we did not get any good old fashioned "lake effect storms". The last snow storm was the only memorable storm - lots of wet snow.  Neighbors tried to help me with their plows to no avail - too wet, heavy and deep.  So, we borrowed Kenny's (the wood man next door) tractor and hauled the snow out of the driveway using the bucket on the tractor.  It took 4 hours! 

Henry the Fisherman
Henry from Forestville did a great job repairing Henry the Fisherman who graces the pond here at the Little House.  Henry the Fisherman did not make it through the last winter storm.  So, Henry from Forestville came to the rescue (for the 2nd time) and made a new Henry for the pond.  Thank you, Henry from Forestville!

The Deer
The deer ate all of my rhododendrons. You know all rhododendrons in front of the morning room???? -- yes -- -all of them gone --- and --- the ones in front of the bay window -- yes -- all of them gone.  The deer were hungry.  I have been here at the cottage for 9 years and this is the first time the deer have ventured in my garden for food.  The snow was very deep at the end of the season and they were hungry.

2010 Workshop Series - Enroll
We are excited about the 2010 workshop schedule which includes:
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